Maximising the Geographic Advantage

JB Spatial is a boutique spatial consultancy that works closely with clients to: exploit the capabilities of spatial tools and spatial information, solve real business problems, and achieve significant business benefits.

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Company Values


We want our work to speak for itself

  • Honesty and integrity in everything we do
  • Create, enhance and maintain great services
  • Value relationships
  • Honour commitments and manage risks
  • Strive to do good things that make a difference
  • Be humble with success; don’t be arrogant and don’t take it for granted

We think laterally and objectively

  • Apply technology and creativity to solve important problems
  • Use the best and most appropriate tools and technology for the task
  • Think about the big picture and the potential impacts
  • Always seek to learn and develop
  • Reflect on outcomes and search for improvement

We do not take anything for granted

  • Earn client loyalty and respect every day
  • Consider the environment always
  • Be responsive and accessible
  • Communicate openly, clearly and respectfully
  • Respect the expertise of others and share knowledge

We want to work with great people

  • Create an environment where people can flourish and grow
  • Treat people with fairness and respect
  • Challenge ideas openly and fairly
  • Encourage diversity in people and ideas
  • Solve problems through open discussion

Areas of Expertise

Assisting our clients to maximise the geographic advantage

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