JB Spatial Environmental


We have worked within numerous multidisciplinary project teams providing direction, analysis and reporting to support the monitoring and management of environmental performance.

Our environmental work has included:

  • Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) – developing, reviewing and implementing EMPs to support open and transparent reporting and management of environmental responsibilities during construction and post construction monitoring.
  • Environmental Monitoring – specifying, procuring and developing software systems to monitor environmental performance. These systems involve establishing and operating a network of field instruments with remote data collection, download and display in near real time.
  • Compliance reporting – analysis of environmental conditions and temporal change to verify and articulate compliance with project standards, specifications and plans.
  • Risk assessments – risk based analysis and reporting using various spatial measures to provide rigour and justification for management decisions.
  • Environment Management Systems – leading and expert input throughout the software development lifecycle, from the conceptual development and use cases to system testing, acceptance and sign-off.
  • Predictive Analysis – establishing benchmarks and behavioural traits to support predictive analysis and forecasting via long-term trend analysis. Use of moving averages and statistical bounds to support behavioural decisions e.g. above trend, on trend or below trend.

Our use of spatial analysis techniques to describe benchmarks and manage the environmental impacts in areas such as:

  • Marine habitats
  • Contaminated Land
  • Cultural and Heritage
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Air Quality
  • Water Resources
  • Sustainability

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